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Interactive MULTIMEDIA installation
wild walnut / divlji orah
(Ailanthus altissima), 2022

Group exhibition 25 GRAD in Khülhaus, Berlin Germany 2022

Artist´s book, 27 x 24 x 3 cm
Video archive (film location scouting), 00:14:14, loop
Ailanthus Altissima plant
Grandmother´s clothing pieces
Objects from the Dalmatian Hinterland (variable sizes).


Photos exhibition: Zsófia Puszt

Photos artist book: Studio Lucciola

"Wild Walnut" is an artistic-research project focused on my woman heritage from the Dalmatian Hinterland in the village of Prgomet (Croatia). Thinking about what life was like women in Dalmatian Hinterland compared to my life in Berlin today, I´ve establish unique narrative focused on an invasive plant species Ailanthus altissima that symbolizes the difficult life circumstances from the past, as well the undefined construct of my childhood memories. 

Multimedia project is revolving around the script for a short experimental film with a fairy tale character. Triggered by the smell of the wild walnut branch (Lat. Ailanthus altissima) the protagonist had picked up in her street, through five chapters, we follow her emotional journey from Berlin to the village of her late grandmother of Prgomet and back. In a young woman´s daydreaming sequences, her memories and dreams intertwine as fictional characters (wild walnut and the pond) tell her stories about the lives and traditions of her woman ancestors.

The project was developed at the Institute for Art in Context on Berlin University of the Arts and realised in ko-production with Kino klub Split and in cooperation with Ethnographic Museum Split and Ethno Eco Village Škopljanci.

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