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I am a multimedia artist and a researcher, a storyteller, born in 1987 in Split Croatia. Employing a participation-based approach to my art, I use photography and biographical interviews, which I subsequently assemble in the manner of a collage into a layered sound installation designed to encourage observers to interact and move through it. Sound, Story, and Space form the building blocks of my work. The collection of stories from immigrant workers and often woman are dealing with the topics of identity, immigration, belonging and memory.


From the Fine Arts Academy of the University of Split (Croatia) I hold MA in conservation and restoration. In 2022, I graduated (postgraduate MA) at the Institute for Art in Context at the Universität der Künste Berlin, where I worked on several participatory, artistic-research and educational projects. I´m a member of the bbk Berlin e.V. - professional association of visual artists Berlin, the WerkStadt association Berlin, HULU - Croatian association of visual artists and the Cine club Split.

Solo Exhibitions

UPCOMING     05/2023

Divlji orah / Wild Walnut; Dom omladine Beograda Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

UPCOMING     07/2023

Divlji orah / Wild Walnut; Salon Galić,  Split, Croatia


Berlin, the promised city - A report from a call center ; MKC gallery-Multimedia Culture Centre, Split, Croatia


Berlin, the promised city - A report from a call centerJedinstvo hall Pogon,  Zagreb, Croatia

Group Exhibitions 







KrisenFEST; Group Global 3000 Gallery, Berlin, Germany   

25 Grad; KühlhausBerlin, Berlin, Germany   

Sensing the city - Sense of the city; Zwitschermaschine Gallery, Berlin, Germany

48 Stunden Neukölln Festival "Luft"Kunstsatellit Der WerkStadt E.V., Berlin, Germany

48 Stunden Neukölln Festival "BOOM"; Kunstsatellit Der WerkStadt E.V., Berlin, Germany

Group  performative Installation, collaboration with “MADE IN CHINA: Goods And Services”

Spike Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Artistic research texts/works 


O istraživanju za projekt “Berlin obećani grad — izvještaj iz call centra”

Online reader "Kad jednom odeš, zauvijek si stranac" , NGO Mavena, Split 2020, p. 8-18

Selected workshops/trainings


Cinematography and Directing Workshop with Fred Kelemen "Mind the image" / Cinema club Split, Croatia


Participatory art conference "They: Live" / Udk Berlin, Germany 

I'm always happy to discuss new projects and collaborations.  Contact me.


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