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MULTIMEDIA installation
THE VOiCE OF THE wild walnut / GLAS divljEG orahA, 2023

Solo exhibitions

Dom Omladine Beograda/Belgrade Youth Center, Serbia 2023

Photos 1 - 4: Stanislav Milojković

Salon Galić Gallery Split, Croatia 2023

Photos 5 - 11: Žaklina Antonijević 

The ongoing art-research project "Wild Walnut" focuses on the author's female heritage from the Dalmatian Zagora in the village of Prgomet. Wild walnut or pajasen in Croatian (Lat. Ailanthus altissima, En. Tree of Heaven, De. Götterbaum) is an invasive plant originating in Asia that was imported to Europe in the 18th century as an ornamental species.


Establishing a parallel between the life of a woman in that unique environment with her own life in Berlin today, the author develops a unique narrative in which the wild walnut plant becomes a symbol of the traditional patriarchal system due to its aggressive spread and difficult eradication. On the other hand, it can also be read as a symbol of female adaptability and resilience in a harsh environment.


The multimedia installation "The voice of the wild walnut" contains a video with a soundscape, a symbol of women's protection drawn on the floor, wild walnut plant, handmade art book and memorabilia. In the soundscape five generations of women from the author's close environment rhythmically whisper her poetry accompanied by a drum. The poetry is dramaturgically divided into five acts, i.e. five elements (earth, air, water, fire and wood), and the verses talk about women's traditions and spirituality.

The project realised in ko-production with Cine club Split, Belgrade Youth center and in cooperation with Ethnographic Museum Split and Ethno Eco Village Škopljanci. It is funded from the: Ministry of culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and City of Split. In 2023. "Voice of the wild walnut" received a jury award from the 21. Festival prvih exhibition on the topic "(In)visible women" in Croatia.

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