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nine to five worries, 2018

„Nine to Five Worries“ is a participatory artistic research project questioning the value of cultural work and job opportunities for woman in Berlin who are not working in the cultural institutions. Participants are young women who, just like me, moved to Berlin in their mid twenties to mid thirties, at the age where they want to build their carrier in the cultural sector such as artists and curators. 


Trough my preliminary research three main groups emerged. First group are woman freelancers who are having aside jobs, second group are ones working full time job not related to their vocation in the cultural field and the third ones are depended on Job Center´s Harz IV monthly allowance.

In my work I am using the techniques of the analogue colour photography and recordings of the biographical interviews. Below you can see a part of the portrait series that was created during the interviews in the participants homes.   

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